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Auditor Ida Meerovna Arsentyeva has been conducting auditing activities since 1992. She was one of the first in Belarus to acquire an auditing license in 1993.

In 1993 she founded an auditing company INVESTAUDIT.

The auditing firm scrutinized enterprises of all kinds of ownership forms and business activities. However, the checkups of light industry enterprises constituted the major part of the activities. Services were rendered not only in Minsk, but also in areas outside Minsk, including Mogilev, Zhodino, Brest etc. The chief clients were Svitanak, MPKO, AMIKO, Chevlyar, LeGrand, Mogilev shoe factory etc. The work with a number of former clients did not stop following the creation of an internal audit body by the Bellegprom concern, but was carried out in a new way – consulting services.

The range of the clients of the firm was expanded primarily through cooperation with private sector enterprises. Besides, the firm rendered auditing services to one of the largest enterprises of the republic - the republican unitarian enterprise Belshina.

In 2002 auditor Arsentyeva was awarded the qualification certificate ¹ 0000002.

Experience of accounting audit of enterprises of various ownership forms (public and private limited companies, joint ventures, limited liability companies, both state and private) has been acquired over 12 years of management of the private Unitarian enterprise INVESTAUDIT. The range of activities of the scrutinized enterprises is very wide and includes manufacturing, wholesales, food services, building and mounting, wood processing, services etc. The development of the firm’s cooperation with manufacturing enterprises and offices of non-resident enterprises was especially rapid.

Through all of these years auditor Arsentyeva headed the enterprise and directly participated in auditing and in the consultation of clients.

Presently auditor Arsentyeva conducts audit as a sole trader.