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Price Policy

The prices for auditing and consulting services are determined by a number of factors including:

  • The document turnover of the enterprise concerned;
  • The degree of accounting automatization;
  • The degree of tax complexity

The payment for services is conducted on an hourly basis. The prices are determined by the task complexity and the timeliness of contacting the auditing firm. The reward depends on the positive gains of the Customer. As any situation is unique, the exact service price can be set only after the definition of the essence of the problem and document revision.

Services prices are set based on:

Hourly auditor charges expressed in the monetary equivalent of one auditor’s hourly fee for auditing procedures as stipulated in the signed contract and coordinated technical task.

Overheads. Overheads include the costs related to the transportation of the expert to the working site, accommodation costs (standard single room), daily allowance.

Expert’s hourly fee is set basing on the fact that the acquired sum should be sufficient for:

  • The staff member’s salary on the existing level of payment for the job in Minsk;
  • Covering the costs related to the provision and maintaining the services on a high level and getting profit correspondent to the given sector;
  • According tax and obligatory payments.